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Wild West Enterprise is "Your Personal Dealer".   We sell quality  used cars at the lowest prices. We have been in business for oer 20 years in Gillette. We keep our overhead low and we pass the savings on to our customers. Most large dealerships pressure the customer to buy from the inventory or their lot, at Wild West we want you to be satisfied with your purchase and we are more than happy to find and purchase the car or truck you are looking for. We will not limit your shopping the the inventory on hand. You can not get this service from our competitors.

Wild West Auto has been serving its customers since 2003. It is the mission of Wild West Auto to put our customers first. We do not have large over-head or an extensive inventory; therefore we can retail our inventory at a lesser price than our competitors. All dealerships large or small buy from the same sources. Pricing differences are set at the time of the sale, not because a larger dealership can buy cheaper. A large dealership has a large building, utilities, personal, salesmen and managers creating a need for a larger profit margin. At Wild West Auto, we are a small family owned business and owe pass the savings on to our customers. The customer pays just a little over wholesale pricing, not inflated retail as you would at many other dealerships. We guarantee you will not find a lower price on a vehicle anywhere.

You can buy from us with confidence knowing that your car will meet your discriminating needs. Additionally, we offer 2 year 30k mile warranties on all vehicles for asking price. Ask for details.

We encourage you to shop the local market for the auto you are looking for. We believe in educated buyers. Visit the NADA web site to get the official "book" price of a vehicle. This will give you an educated idea of a fair asking price on the vehicle you are looking for. (We put NADA print outs in all of our vehicles for your convenience., honesty is our policy) After you have shopped around, please visit our lot or website to see the vehicles we currently have in stock. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us we will find an auto that better fits your needs. We do not charge for this service. You will know the entire cost of the vehicle before you commit. There will be no hidden or additional charges. What we quote you will be the price you pay, guaranteed.

At Wild West Enterprise, we are not like other dealerships. We believe buying a car should be a pleasant experience, not a dreaded task. We strive to make your shopping experience as painless as possible. We do not believe in high pressure sales. We offer a variety of autos the lowest price. You drive the car, and YOU make the decision to buy or not to buy. We will not pressure you to buy anything.

Wild West Auto's inventory is priced below NADA retail. We have built our business on repeat customers. A dissatisfied customer is not a returning customer. Your satisfaction is our priority. When you buy form Wild West Auto, you will know you paid the lowest price and that you were treated fairly and with respect. . We will save you money. You have our word.



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